Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy these historic Mitsubishi & DSM commercials sorted in chronological order.

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  • In 1989, the DSMs hit the scene! By mid 1990, the GSX and TSi AWD variants were released.

  • Diamond-Star Motors released three different versions of the coupe: the Mitsubishi Eclipse, the Eagle Talon, and the Plymouth Laser. The Eclipse would have the longest lifespan as the Talon lasted up until 1998 and the Laser lasted up to 1994.


  • In 1991, Mitubishi sold their first generation 3000GT VR-4, immediately winning MotorTrend’s Import Car of the Year!



  • In 1992, the DSMs received a minor face-lift. Most noticeably, the pop-up headlights were replaced with fixed headlights.



  • 1995 marked the year of the Second-Generation (2G). The DSM platform moved away from straight body lines to curvy ones. The 2Ga “smiley-face” look last until 1996.

  • GS-T and GSX Eclipse models in the USA had a two-tone exterior paint with grey undertones around the car. The turbo models also received cyclone wheels and a low spoiler. Horsepower was raised to 210, up from the 1G’s 195.


  • The Eclipse Spyder makes its debut! The Talon unfortunately did not receive a convertible variant.


  • The 1997-1999 models are reffered to as 2Gb, as they received a face-lift, different side skirts and rear bumper. Turbo models gained the iconic large spoiler in the rear.


  • 1998 marked the final year you could buy a brand new Eagle Talon.


  • By 1999, the 2G Eclipse was nearing its life cycle. Mitsubishi offered the black leather interior for turbo models only in 1999.

  • Mitsubishi released the 10th anniversary OZ Rally Eclipse which had a black leather interior, OZ wheels and a large rear spoiler.